Power Range: 7KW – 1800KW

Quest Power International offers the highest quality generators in the world. All our Perkins powered generators are assembled using the most advanced methods at Perkins authorized facilities that have met the latest ISO 9001 Standards. Quest Power International uses a component list that was engineered in the USA, to make the most rugged, dependable and longest lasting generator possible at the lowest price.

Genset Standard Configuration

  • Power Range from 7KW to 1,800KW Standby operation
  • Assembled with Perkins diesel engine and world famous brand alternator
  • Available in Single Phase and Three Phase
  • Multiple voltage options available
  • LED digital display and modular control
  • Radiator and fan with safety guard
  • Float battery charger and solenoid switch as standard supply scope
  • Built-in shock pad
  • Steel base frame
  • Rigorous factory testing

Optional Scope of Supply

  • Wide range of sub-base fuel tank sizes
  • ATS
  • Weather and Sound Resistant Enclosure. The canopies are made of high quality steel and powder coated. The paint is highly endurable against erosion and scratch, and strongly rustproof.
  • External Fuel Tank
  • Trailer

MAKE 50HZ PERKINS Engine Model
Prime (KW) Standy (KW)
PERKINS 8 9 403D-11G
PERKINS 12 13 403D-15G
PERKINS 18 20 404D-22G
PERKINS 50 55 1104D-44TG1
PERKINS 75 83 1104D-E44TAG1
PERKINS 90 99 1104D-E44TAG2
PERKINS 125 138 1106D-E66TAG2
PERKINS 135 150 1106D-E66TAG3
PERKINS 320 352 2206D-E13TAG2
PERKINS 350 385 2206D-E13TAG3
PERKINS 400 440 2206D-E15TAG1
PERKINS 455 501 2206C-E15TAG3
PERKINS 550 605 2806A-E18TAG3
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