Power Range: 9KW-500KW

Quest Power International’s liquid Cooled Econo-Series Diesel Generators are an economic solution to more expensive name brand diesel generators. In addition to our guaranteed low prices, our diesel generators are designed for reliability, durability and economical operating costs with great fuel efficiency.

Genset Standard Configuration

  • Power Range from 9KW to 500KW Standby operation
  • Available in Single Phase and Three Phase
  • Multiple voltage options available
  • Digital Control Panel that controls all major functions of the generator and offers fault protection alerting
  • Output rated molded case circuit breaker
  • Lead acid starting batteries
  • Industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose
  • Noise performance is conforming to international standard
  • Strong and durable skid type base frame with Sub-base fuel tank
  • Operational Manual, panel wiring diagram and factory test certificated


Optional Scope of Supply

  • Wide range of sub-base fuel tank sizes
  • ATS
  • Weather and Sound Resistant Enclosure. The canopies are made of high quality steel and powder coated. The paint is highly endurable against erosion and scratch, and strongly rustproof.
  • External Fuel Tank
  • Trailer

GensetTechnical Data

Genset Model
Prime Power
NON-EPA Diesel
Engine Model
QPI-11 9 11 YTO 380
QPI-14 11 14 YTO 480
QPI-16 13 17 YTO 485
QPI-28 17 21 YTO 490D
QPI-33 22 28 YTO 495D
QPI-41 26 33 YTO 4102D
QPI-55 32 40 YTO 4105
QPI-68 44 55 YTO LR4B5-D
QPI-80 55 68 YTO YT4B2Z-D
QPI-94 64 80 YTO LR4B3Z-D
QPI-110 75 93 YTO LR4M3L-D
QPI-138 88 110 YTO LR6A3Z-D
QPI-154 110 137 YTO LR6A3L-DA
QPI-176 123 154 YTO LR6B3L-DA
QPI-206 140 176 YTO LR6M3L-DA
QPI-220 165 206 YTO YM 6H4L-D
QPI-275 176 220 YM 6H4L-D
QPI-330 220 275 YTO YM 6S4L-D
QPI-412 264 330 YTO YM6S9L
QPI-21 330 412 YTO YM6S9LF
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