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Quest Power International (QPI) is a leading industrial and power generation solutions company that specializes in providing equipment, supplies, and turnkey solutions for federal clients and commercial customers located domestically and abroad. We are experts in installation, maintenance, project management, and product procurement. Although our capabilities are varied, our mission is singular: to deliver outstanding industrial equipment and reliable power performance systems.

Products and Services

The Quest Power International team has expertise in design, installation, maintenance, and product procurement. Whatever your industrial equipment or power generation needs, we are prepared to support your project from start to finish

Industrial and Electrical Equipment and Supplies

Commercial and Industrial Construction (CGC1527374)

Equipment Installation and Maintenance

Petroleum-Based Products, Brake Fluids, Power Steering Fluids, Gear Oils, and Lubricants (Commercial, Industrial Aviation, Marine)

Industrial/Specialized Cabling, Wiring, and Fiber Optic Assemblies

Fuel Tanks, Piping, Valves, and Fuel Systems

Construction Materials, HVAC, Power Tools, and Fasteners

Machining and Raw Materials

Maintenance and Shop Supplies

Project Management, General Management, and Consulting Services

Generators and Power Generation Supplies

UPS and Battery Backup Systems

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    QPI takes pride in providing the highest quality products for its clients. Below are some of the suppliers with whom we work

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    Include shots with QPI team members working on/installing products

    City and school buildings

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    State infrastructure

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    Airport and water port power needs

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    DOT portable power needs

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    Government research facilities

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    Federal buildings – domestic and international

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